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Information Leaflet Holders

The final part of the project which saw all the work done last year to upgrade the Fife Coastal Path through our woodlands, and sow wildflowers at the Heritage Viewpoint, was completed on Saturday. Part of the plan was to produce a leaflet for passers-by to take and read that briefly describes the area we manage, our work, and our objectives. These were duly printed and a leaflet holder was attached to the Heritage Viewpoint information board. Unfortunately this proved unsuitable due to the slope of the board and a lid blew open in strong winds allowing it to fill with water.

The aim was to mount a replacement holder with a weighted lid on a vertical post alongside the board and it was this that was installed on Saturday. The long delay in getting to this stage was due to illness, but Roy Green, one of our supporters, took over the task and produced a sturdy and well finished post to which two leaflet holders were attached, one to hold the main leaflet and the other to hold a leaflet aimed at encouraging children to do a bit of detective work to find out a little more about the value of woodlands for wildlife. Thanks to all who have helped to get this final stage completed.

Despite recent rain, the ground at the bottom of the hole dug for the post was dry and hard, but luckily the rain this summer has been frequent enough to keep the surface layers moist and the wildflowers in bloom.

As you can see from the photos, the cornfield annual wildflowers are still blooming alongside the path, though now a bit battered by the wind.

There has been an interesting succession of flowering. First came the scarlet poppies, then the rich blue of Cornflower followed by the yellow of Corn Marigold, and now there are a few patches of white Scentless Mayweed to finish off.

Many of the plants have now set seed, so as they ripen there will be plenty of seed being shed into the ground. That should help to get more flowers to bloom next year, but it also means that it is time to start collecting some of the seed for use for resowing any patches that might need it.

Thanks to Kathryn and Roy Green for the photos

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