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15 Jan 2020

One of our earliest activities after taking over the management of the land transferred to the Community Council was, in early 2014, to tidy up the then  neglected triangle of land where the Fife Coastal Path leaves Lumsdaine Drive, and sow wildflower seeds which had b...

30 Nov 2019

Another enthusiastic and cheerful band of volunteers met up today in excellent weather and completed the clearing of the strimmings on the wildflower seed sown areas.  This was work that had been started on Thursday by the pupils from Fife College.  It was also a delig...

30 Nov 2019

On Tuesday of last week we did some digging out in The Triangle which outlined the area that still needed to be dug so that when the Donibristle Primary P7s came down they would be able to work without damaging the strip of perennials beside the fence, or the gravel pa...

30 Nov 2019

Walking the paths through the woodlands it is usually the larger things that attract attention, trees, birds, occasional flowers, - the dog, the mobile phone - but a closer inspection of the plants  beside the path may reveal some strange markings on some of the leaves...

11 Nov 2019

Sunday Work Party 27th October
Alan had done a great job during the week of the difficult task of strimming the tough grasses of the wildflower areas, both on the bank below Crow Wood, and on The Triangle. Today conditions were perfect for clearing up the cut material...

28 Oct 2019

Most people are familiar with the cheerful and chirpy House Sparrow and you can see and hear a bunch of them that roost in the Hawthorn bush behind the Friendship Board at the Heritage Viewpoint.  The related Tree Sparrow is much less familiar and is a species that suf...

7 Oct 2019

The weather in the last few days is certainly confirming that summer is at an end and we can return to the tasks needed to keep on maintaining and improving our area for people and wildlife.  We had the first of our regular autumn work parties on 22nd September when we...

22 Jul 2019

The final part of the project which saw all the work done last year to upgrade the Fife Coastal Path through our woodlands, and sow wildflowers at the Heritage Viewpoint, was completed on Saturday.  Part of the plan was to produce a leaflet for passers-by to take and r...

11 May 2019

The bank below Crow Wood was sown with wildflower seeds in 2014.  The mix used for the main bank area below the path up to Ross Avenue was Scotia Seeds “Mavis Bank mix” and this contained a proportion of Cowslip seeds.  To begin with, as expected, not all the species i...

3 May 2019

There is a great show of Bluebells in woodlands at the moment and a good place to see the carpet of blue on a woodland floor is in Hopeward Wood. 

All the Bluebells in this wood that I have examined are the native species and their presence indicates this is a woodland...

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