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Gun Emplacement Clearing

At the end of 1914, two gun emplacements were built on the rocky outcrop above Bathing House Wood as part of the defence of the Royal Naval Dockyard at Rosyth. Decommissioned after the war, the bases and adjoining shell storage lockers remain, and in response to discussions with the WW1 historian Dr Gordon Barclay, some of the soil and vegetation was removed by Blair and some of our volunteers back in 2015/16 to enable a full survey to be carried out. The target of Sunday’s work party was to clear away some of the regrowth of grasses, especially from the steps and drainage channels, and again cut back the shrubs that had become established between the concrete structures to limit possible d

Clearing around the trees planted in Bathing House Wood in 2015

Sunday gave Blair & I, plus Bracken, a good opportunity to clear nettles, brambles and thistles growing close to the trees planted by Donibristle P7 pupils in March 2015. As the undergrowth had died back quite a bit, it also allowed us to find the remaining un-flagged trees and complete that task. This will make it much easier to find them next year if drought conditions once again mean they need watering. Something that has been essential in all three summers so far. It was also a good opportunity to appreciate just how much some of the trees had grown, considering how small they were when planted. Not all had grown well, but the photos show some of the best examples of the different tre

Ivy in Early October

Most wild flowers at this time of year have finished flowering and have scattered their seeds for future years. But if you come across a patch of mature ivy where it receives a lot of sun it will be covered in spiky yellow flowers. And, where it is sheltered from the wind, like this patch beside the path in Hopeward Wood, then it is worth taking a closer look. Don’t be put off by the wasps that are on the flowers, attracted to this abundant source of nectar, there will be other insects also making the most of what is on offer. The wasps are easy to distinguish by their size, appearance and behaviour, and are not interested in stinging any observer, just stocking up on sweet sugars, especi

Interpretation Board in Bathing House Wood

After a lot of hard work by several members of our group, designing, planning and seeking funds, Sunday 1st October saw the resulting board put in place. Thanks to the financial support received from the Green Network Community Project Fund, you can now see the culmination of all the effort and learn a bit more about this woodland. The board is sited where you enter Bathing House Wood along the Coastal Path from The Inches side. It shows a fascinating history, from links to the Earls of Moray at Donibristle House in the 18th Century to its use during WW1 & 2 in the defence of the Rosyth dockyards. And there is also information on some of the rich variety of wildlife in the woodland itself

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