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Wild Spring Flowers

The seedlings of the cornfield annuals sown along the path beside the Heritage Viewpoint, mostly Poppies and Corn Marigold, have survived the January frosts and are growing strongly in the recent warm weather. They will flower later, but nestling among them can be seen the bright pink flowers of Red Dead-nettle. This is an annual that was not part of the seed mix, but has germinated from seed already in the soil. It is a valuable flower for some of the smaller bumblebees as they emerge from hibernation, and its appearance is timely as you will probably already have seen queen bumblebees that are now flying in response to this exceptionally warm February. This earlier photo shows a queen E

More Tree Protection

We made good use of the sections of surplus fencing from the farms that Blair had managed to obtain, and a good few more trees are now protected from Roe Deer bucks stripping the bark as they “fray” the young trees to mark territory. More wire will be needed to complete the protection of all the trees, so hopefully we will be able to complete the work in a couple of weeks. In case anyone has been wondering what the large green flowered plant is at the centre of the group? It is Stinking Hellebore, a member of the buttercup family, and several of them can be seen both in Bathing House and Hopeward woods. It is a native flower, and it is on the list of species that are indicators of ancient

Crow Wood, signs and information

We had amazingly good weather and a good turnout of volunteers on Sunday 10th February for the fixing of the new Crow Wood signs and Information Board. Signplus had prepared the holes where we wanted them, though there was a bit of extra work at the information board to deepen the holes a bit more. Then the boards were positioned and the Postcrete added. This was all made possible through the support of our community who voted with their blue tokens and enabled us to secure funding from Tesco’s “Bags of Help” scheme. Aimee, a representative from Tesco in Rosyth was able to come along and see what their funding is helping to achieve. The final task was to add the Crow Wood sign beside the pat

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