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More Preparation for Cornfield Annuals

As a very pleasant alternative to pondering over who cut the trees down, we spent a bit of time in good company on Sunday afternoon finishing off clearing the border that the Donibristle P7s had started work on last November. Having got the path edge clearly identified it was just a matter of digging out some of the grass clumps in the border and preparing the soil for seed germination. We were very lucky with the weather. Yes, it had rained on Sunday morning, but not too much. Soil could be shaken out from the grass roots fairly easily thus leaving behind lots of seeds that had been shed from the Cornfield Annuals last year. Some of the seed collected last year will also be added and t

Trees Damaged in Hopeward Wood: Appeal for information

In the past few days, someone has been cutting down trees in Hopeward Wood without agreement of the Community Council or Dalgety Bay Community Woodlands Group. Hopeward Wood is one of the ancient woodland areas in Dalgety Bay that date back at least to the late 1700s and, for this woodland, probably to a very much earlier date. It is protected by a Fife Council Tree Preservation Order against this kind of activity. The damage is in the area below the Fife Coastal Path where it enters Hopeward Wood from the west. The locations of the damaged trees are shown on the map and information on the trees themselves is given below. We urgently need to get useable evidence of the person(s) respons

On the Grow Wild map

One of our earliest activities after taking over the management of the land transferred to the Community Council was, in early 2014, to tidy up the then neglected triangle of land where the Fife Coastal Path leaves Lumsdaine Drive, and sow wildflower seeds which had been offered free that year by Grow Wild, an organisation based at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and part funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. We used the seeds to transform our “Scruffy Triangle” as it then was, into a display of colourful wild flowers which grew from the seeds. Especially popular were the Cornfield Annuals: Poppies, Cornflower and Corn Marigold. Subsequent batches of free seeds from Grow Wild in 2

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