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Cornfield Annuals: Preparation

It was another blustery day yesterday with winds gusting to 40 mph and above, but we were lucky to avoid the occasional shower and had the benefit of spring sunshine. With such a good turnout of volunteers we were able to quickly complete the appointed tasks. A small area of the Triangle was cleared of surface vegetation and this will allow some of the perennials that are particularly valuable to wildlife to flourish at the back while providing a seedbed for our signature cornfield annuals alongside the paths. Charlie also came by to see how the work was going and greet his friends. Then the top border beside the path to Ross Avenue that we had cleared in early January was raked over and s

Good Work-Donibristle P7s !

This morning saw a further stage in the work in Crow Wood to improve the biodiversity of wild flowers and all the other life that depends on them. It all started at the beginning of May 2018 when P7 pupils and teachers from Donibristle Primary cleared the ground smothering ivy from part of the bank at the edge of Crow Wood. A very dry summer meant that seed germination was very poor, but after the winter rains (mostly in November and March) some seed that had lain dormant in the soil finally germinated. To augment this it was decided to add seed of a mix of Scottish wildflowers and woodland meadow grasses to some parts of the bank. Blair suggested that it would be interesting to see the di

Downing Point WW1 Gun Emplacements

Some of you will remember the gun emplacements on the cliff above Bathing House Wood when they were partly covered by grass, ivy and other plants, and with hawthorn trees growing out of gaps in the concrete. Once the group discovered that this area was also in the land transferred to the Community Council then work could begin to uncover and protect them. It was Gordon Barclay, an enthusiastic archaeologist and historian, who, after being contacted by Blair, was delighted that the gun emplacement site was coming under the Dalgety Bay Community Woodlands Group care, and advised us about what we could do to uncover and protect the structures. Some of the work is shown in the slide show below

Information Board for Hopeward Wood

The final woodland information board was installed today alongside the Coastal Path in Hopeward Wood. Like the one beside Crow Wood, this installation was made possible thanks to the funding from Tesco “Bags of Help”, and the local residents who put their blue tokens in our box in the Tesco stores. Despite the cold and threat of sleet showers we had a good turnout of volunteers, and we were lucky to get the work done between showers. There was even a little sunshine at times. Thanks to all who came along to help, and of course Tesco’s funding that made it all possible.

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