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Tree planting Sunday 25th November

Despite the cold east wind and occasional shower, we made short work of preparing the ground and planting three good sized young trees in Bathing House Wood. Two oaks, one to replace a 2014 planting that had died, and another to fill a gap, were brought by Kathryn who had collected them from Leo Perreur Lloyd. The third tree was a Silver Birch planted by Fiona McWilliams in memory of her husband. Despite the recent rains, moisture had not penetrated far into the soil and we need more rain if the water deficit from the summer is to be remedied. This year rain totals for May, June, July, August and October were well below the previous 10 year average and even this month we are still at only 8

Work Party 4th November

It is the time of year for cutting the summer’s growth on the wildflower areas and raking up the cut material to remove the thatch and clear the ground for the perennials to flourish over the winter and flower again next year. After Alan did the strimming we were lucky to have Jeff and his wife clear the bank opposite their house. This left us to clear the upper section and the Triangle. With a total of 9 volunteers today it was all done quickly, leaving enough time to tidy up the plants encroaching on the edge of the pavement. Seed heads collected from Wild Carrot and Teasel cut from the Triangle were then scattered below the bank in the new wildflower area. They should flower in 2 year

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