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Wildflower Patch Update

Last year saw us clear an area adjacent to Crow Wood and the Coastal Path and sow wild flower seeds. Some, on the triangle at the junction of Lumsdaine Drive with the Coastal Path were supplied by the Grow Wild (Landward) initiative. These gave us a colourful display last summer with abundant flowers of scarlet Poppies along with Cornflower and Corn Marigold. Clearing the dominant grasses and other plants and exposing the soil has also allowed some of the seeds that had lain dormant to germinate and start into growth. In addition there was some transplanting of small plants of wild flowers that had self seeded in local gardens, Foxgloves, Teasels, Dog Violet, Lesser Celandine, Lady’s Smo

Spring Birdsong

One of the great pleasures of Dalgety Bay is being out in the woodlands in Spring when the birds have established their territories and are still in full voice. A walk in the woods, especially on a still morning or evening, is bound to be accompanied by a chorus of birdsong from the surrounding trees. This is also a great time of year to see the songsters and their mates as the buds on the trees have not yet broken into leaf, so the birds are in clear view. Robin in full voice Chaffinch Male singing while his female carries feathers to line the nest But between the singing there may be territories to defend. This male Blackbird was resting after just such a dispute The Blue Tit's soft fea

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