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Remembrance & Biodiversity

As we approach the 4th August and are reminded of the start of a conflict a hundred years ago that saw the needless loss of so many men and women on all sides, it seems appropriate that our first wildflower sowing initiative should be dominated by two of the flowers that are symbols of remembrance. We are all familiar with the Poppy that started to be used by the United Kingdom and other countries in remembrance of the dead of WW1, but the Cornflower, the Bleuet de France, has a similar role in France, said to have been inspired by the blue cloth that soldiers produced as they recovered in hospital from the wounds they had received in that terrible conflict. Of course these two flowers, alo

Bumblebees of Dalgety Bay

As spring turns into summer one group of insects is always on the go, busy working for themselves; for the flowers; and for us. These are the Bumblebees, and Dalgety Bay has all of the 6 common species that are to be found in this part of Scotland. Most of us probably only notice that there are “Bumblebees” visiting some of the flowers in the garden or in the woodlands as we walk by, so below is a guide, for anyone who is interested, to which kinds you may be seeing. Guide to Dalgety Bay Bumblebee Identification: Dick Alderson Introduction Although though they can sting, Bumblebees very rarely do so, they are too busy finding the pollen and nectar that they need to sustain their brood to b

Early May

The floor of Hopeward Wood quickly became a carpet of blue as April passed into May and the Bluebells finally came into full bloom. The efforts over the winter to tidy up the fallen and cut branches that littered the floor of the woodlands meant that now the view was uninterrupted. Crow Wood too has its Bluebells, mostly on the lower slope of the hill. This is spectacle to enjoy while it lasts as all too quickly the flowers are finished and the trees cast a dark shade over the woodland floor for the summer.

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