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Wild flowers and Pollinating Predators

As the season progresses more wildflowers are coming into bloom on our wild flower area. Yarrow has a platform of small white flowers with orange anthers, much favoured by hoverflies and other insects, though not usually visited by bumblebees. Wild Carrot too are beginning to spread their heads of tiny flowers after emerging from the protection of the spiny bracts that surround the developing flower head. There are now a very few Field Scabious near the footpath but rain at the right time this summer has enabled the blue/purple flowers of Tufted Vetch to form a distinct coloured patch among the surrounding Oxeye Daisies. For the last two years the tall Leylandii in the middle of the wild f

White Flowers & Ladybirds

Every year is different when you sow wild flower seeds. This year we have a dominance of the white flowers of Oxeye Daisy covering the bank and giving rise to some criticism that the wild flower area does not look so good this year. It is true that Oxeye Daisies grow very well in our soils and being perennials can take over. But, look a bit closer and there are still other flowers to be seen, a few scarlet poppies among the white, and the bright yellow of Hawkbit. Poppies suffered this year because of the limited rain that fell between late April and early June, but other flowers have fared better. There is more Viper’s Bugloss and Yellow Rattle this year, both flowers that are well used

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