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DBCWG is made up of local residents who voluntarily give their time to protect, preserve and enhance local woodlands in Dalgety Bay.


There's a whole splurge in the more legalese type language below for those of you interested, but suffice it to say that the group really would like to encourage the Local Community to look after the surrounding environment for future generations to enjoy.

On 3 November 2014 it became Registered Charity No SC045205




DALGETY BAY COMMUNITY WOODLANDS GROUP OUR AIMS -The Aims of DBCWG shall be to provide public benefit in Dalgety Bay and Fife and to advance environmental protection or improvement, citizenship and community development and in particular to:


1. Make improvements to the built, social and ecological environment of Dalgety Bay with an emphasis on its woodland resources by protecting and managing Bathing House, Hopeward and Crow Woods on behalf of Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council (“the Community Council”)

2. To raise the awareness and use of all of the woodlands in Dalgety Bay by the local community.


OUR OBJECTIVES -To achieve the Aims DBCWG may carry out the following Objects:-


1. The protection, maintenance and improvement of Bathing House, Hopeward and Crow Woods and other public woodlands in or around Dalgety Bay.

2. So far as reasonably practicable, to ensure and maintain the safety of the public within Bathing House, Hopeward and Crow Woods, and any other woods managed by DBCWG on behalf of the Community Council, and also of DBCWG’s volunteers or other personnel carrying out repair, maintenance, renewal or improvement works or operations, including without prejudice to the foregoing generality to arrange any required risk assessments and inspection programmes.

3. To appoint an appropriate and suitably qualified third party to undertake inspections of the woodlands at appropriate intervals and to maintain appropriate records with regard to the safety of the woodlands (including the safety of the public).

4. To liaise with the neighbouring proprietors adjacent to any of the woodlands managed by DBCWG and in particular not to do anything which causes damage or injury to any property or land adjacent to the woodlands or any person located thereon.

5. The reclamation, remediation, restoration or any other operation intended to facilitate the economic, social or environmental use of woodlands in or around Dalgety Bay.

6. Where it is for the protection of the environment, the conservation or promotion of biological diversity through:a) the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat; orb) the maintenance or recovery of a species in its natural habitat.

7. Any operations intended to prevent or reduce any potential for pollution that may be caused, or to remedy or mitigate the effects of any pollution that has been caused by a previous activity on the land, which has ceased.

8. The maintenance, repair or restoration of a building or other structure, which is of historic or architectural interest associated with or situated in the woodlands of Dalgety Bay.

9. To carry out fundraising initiatives in the furtherance of the Aims of DBCWG.Notwithstanding the foregoing, DBCWG may do anything which is calculated to further its Aims or Objects or as may be incidental or conducive to furthering its Aims or Objects or any of them.

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