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Dalgety Bay Community Woodlands Group Privacy and Data Protection

In recognition of our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent legislation we have updated our Privacy Policy. This will be subject to regular review and updating as appropriate.


Approved by the Committee of the Dalgety Bay Community Woodlands Group, 24 May 2018.


1.  Information gathered from your use of the Dalgety Bay Community Woodland Group (DBCWG) website

We fully recognise the importance of protecting the privacy of the users of our websites. Please be assured that any personal data collected will be treated as confidential in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent legislation.


2.  What electronic information do we collect?


We collect information from visitors to our website using ‘cookies’ and page tagging techniques. Cookies enable our system to recognise your computer and allow us to see how you use the website.


3.  Changes to these Web Conditions and to Additional Terms and Conditions


We do not currently ask you to input personal information, e.g. your name and email address, when you enter our website, but when you visit our website, we will collect information about where you are on the internet, your browser type, the country you accessed the site from, and the pages of our website that you viewed during your visit.Should any of these conditions change a revised policy will be produced and posted on the website.


4.  Sending us an email


You may also decide to send us personally identifying information, for example, in an email message containing a question or comment. We use personally identifying information from email primarily to respond to your requests. This may be forwarded to other members who are better able to answer your questions. We may also use your email to contact you in the future about DBCWG or to contact you when necessary. Emails and telephone calls will be used for the purposes outlined at the time of collection or registration in accordance with the preferences you express.


5.  Information gathered from manual processes


Personal information provided to us through manual processes, e.g. for completion of forms for membership, will be used for the purpose set out below or outlined at the time of collection. Any personal data collected will be treated as confidential in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent legislation. It will be retained only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purpose it was collected for.


6.  Collection and use of personal information


DBCWG are the sole owners of the information collected on our website and through manual processes. DBCWG processes personal data for the purposes of providing the service that you have signed up for. We confirm that any personal information which you provide to us, and any user information from which we can identify you, is held, to the best of our knowledge, in accordance with the guidance we have from the Information Commissioner’s Office.



We will use your information only for the following purposes:

  • Processing the information and services you require

  • Statistical purposes to improve this website and its services to you

  • Servicing website content

  • Administering this website

  • Administration of membership(s)

  • Administration of donations

  • In-house research and statistical analysis

  • Communication about conservation, membership, fundraising and other activities

Processing personal data for the above purposes may entail sharing the information with members, contractors, agents and professional advisors of DBCWG under strictly controlled conditions.


7.  How we manage data


DBCWG has policies for Data Protection, Records Management and Retention and Information Security.

We will only retain data for as long as the purpose for which it was collected is relevant.


8.  Security


DBCWG will treat all your Personal Information as confidential (although we reserve the right to disclose this information in the circumstances set out above). We will keep electronic information securely and accessed only by those authorised to do so. We will use our best endeavours to fully comply with all applicable UK Data Protection legislation.


9.  Site usage – cookies

A cookie is a small text file which identifies users’ computers to the DBCWG website. Cookies enhance a website’s performance; including providing a secure way to measure use of the website, number of visitors, how frequently pages are viewed, and the city and country of origin of users. This helps to determine what is popular and can influence future content and development of websites.

Cookies in themselves do not identify individual users but identify only the computer used.

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