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Dalgety Bay Gala Day  7th June 2014



This year’s Gala was a first for our group, but nevertheless we went to our task with gusto.

During the short run up to the event we managed to bring together a variety of activities for our stall, designed to attract the large and diverse audience which the Annual Gala usually attracts, from the very young with Lucy’s face painting and Peter’s “Guess the number of sweets in the jar” to the more mature members of our town willing to pit their wits on Sarah’s “Name the Woods” quiz and Dick’s arboreal brain buster identifying and correctly naming some the trees found in our three woodlands from just a twig or two, but Dick thoughtfully left leaves on the twigs to help us along (or did it just add to the confusion?).


The most popular crowd pleasers under our gazebo roof  however, were the huge Bear (thanks Sarah) who, despite the vast number of bear caves in the woods, we now know lives in Hopeward Woods and the Bat Box sponsorship (thanks to James and Thomas for making those) .


The many visitors to our stall were pleased and very interested to learn of our work and some even volunteered help and become involved with the group. We look forward to seeing them soon.


A long list of thanks should be made to those who helped at the Gala in so many ways, from putting up the gazebo and supplying materials to finally taking it down in the pouring rain at the end of the afternoon. But probably the most thanks should go to the Gala Committee who make the Gala happen every year. Without them we would not have had the opportunity to raise our profile within the Community, have fun on Gala Day and generate the all-important funds so that we can continue our work.


All our profits from the day will be used in our endeavours to protect and enhance the three woodlands in our care.

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