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All About Oaks

There are relatively few oaks in our woodlands, and to get photos of good growing trees it was necessary to go a bit further along the coastal woodland corridor to Braefoot. Oaks, wherever they grow, are an important wildlife resource as well as having a long and interesting history some of which is detailed below. The Oak Trees- Quercus robur & Quercus petraea Surely the Oak is the most familiar tree in our woodlands today. As children we played amongst the tree roots, hid in the massive branches, collected the leaves, hunted for acorns to make necklaces and bracelets and were bemused by Oak Apples. We were not the only ones; for thousands of years the Oak has been revered by many cultures

September: Changing Seasons

This is a time of transition, we still have warm weather but daylength changes are now at their most rapid and days are becoming noticeably shorter. Some of the sounds of summer are however still to be heard as you walk the coastal path; Common Terns, that breed nearby, still patrol out in the Forth, calling constantly as they wheel, hover and then dive for fish, stocking up for their imminent departure to the warmer climes of Africa. Swallows too can be seen flying along the woodland edges on a warm still day, making the most of the myriad small insects emerging from the trees to top up their fat reserves as they continue their migration south. Not all summer birdsong has ceased however,

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