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More Tree Protection

We made good use of the sections of surplus fencing from the farms that Blair had managed to obtain, and a good few more trees are now protected from Roe Deer bucks stripping the bark as they “fray” the young trees to mark territory. More wire will be needed to complete the protection of all the trees, so hopefully we will be able to complete the work in a couple of weeks.

In case anyone has been wondering what the large green flowered plant is at the centre of the group? It is Stinking Hellebore, a member of the buttercup family, and several of them can be seen both in Bathing House and Hopeward woods. It is a native flower, and it is on the list of species that are indicators of ancient woodland, but as they are also grown in some gardens, especially in the past, it is possible the plants in our woods are garden escapes.

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