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One of our earliest activities after taking over the management of the land transferred to the Community Council was, in early 2014, to tidy up the then neglected triangle of land where the Fife Coastal Path leaves Lumsdaine Drive, and sow wildflower seeds which had been offered free that year by Grow Wild, an organisation based at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and part funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. We used the seeds to transform our “Scruffy Triangle” as it then was, into a display of colourful wild flowers which grew from the seeds. Especially popular were the Cornfield Annuals: Poppies, Cornflower and Corn Marigold. Subsequent batches of free seeds from Grow Wild in 2014 and 2015 were combined with seeds of Scottish origin bought elsewhere, and sown on what had been council maintained grass areas in front of Crow Wood. Since then we have also successfully established more wildflowers in the Heritage Viewpoint area as part of the 2018 path upgrade funded by: Fife Environment Trust; Scottish Landfill Community Trust; Fife Coast and Countryside Trust; and Fife Council. Our continued contact with Grow Wild led them to request more information on what our initiatives to restore wildflowers had achieved, and this subsequently led them to add our site to their map of established wildflower initiatives around the UK that they had supported. To see our entry go to:

More photos have been submitted to add to our entry and it is hoped that being “on the map” will further boost interest in our continuing work to provide colourful wildflowers for passers-by to enjoy while at the same time improving the diversity of wild flowers for the benefit of a wide range of pollinating insects and other wildlife.

The changes that have been made to the areas we have sown with wildflowers are shown below.

The Triangle

Crow Wood bank and path side

Heritage Viewpoint

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