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Crow Wood, signs and information

We had amazingly good weather and a good turnout of volunteers on Sunday 10th February for the fixing of the new Crow Wood signs and Information Board.

Signplus had prepared the holes where we wanted them, though there was a bit of extra work at the information board to deepen the holes a bit more.

Then the boards were positioned and the Postcrete added.

This was all made possible through the support of our community who voted with their blue tokens and enabled us to secure funding from Tesco’s “Bags of Help” scheme.

Aimee, a representative from Tesco in Rosyth was able to come along and see what their funding is helping to achieve.

The final task was to add the Crow Wood sign beside the path nearest to Ross Avenue.

We now have two signs identifying Crow Wood and a board giving information on some of the features of the woodland and adjacent flower rich grasslands.

A special thanks to all who supported us with the blue tokens, worked hard to produce the boards and signs, and turned out on Sunday to help with the installation. There is a further information board to install in Hopeward Wood and we will let you know when that will be done.

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