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Tree Guards

Sometimes it does pay keep things. The roll of wire netting was left over from keeping sheep out of an area at the back of the house where we stayed in the Highlands, and that was a fair few years ago. It has now been made good use of to make guards for some of the young trees in Bathing House Wood that were planted in March 2015 by P7 pupils from Donibristle Primary.

In the past year the deer have started to cause significant damage by fraying the bark on the sapling trees with their antlers to leave a territorial scent mark where the bark has been removed. Some photos show the damage produced.

Thanks to Peter Collin’s loan of some strong wire cutters, the netting was cut into suitably sized rings to enclose the young trees and give them protection when the Roebuck fraying starts again in March or early April.

With 7 of us working today the guards were quickly made and installed on several of the trees most at risk. Unfortunately there was not enough to do all the trees, so we will have to try and find some more to finish off another time.

Thanks again to all who came along

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