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Horticultural Show 2nd September

Once again the gazebo was hauled out and put up, this time in good weather and with no wind to threaten its stability. We also had the benefit of our new and colourful banners, courtesy of SignPlus, to attract visitors to our stand. There was a steady stream of people coming to see what we had to show of our activities, helped by some of the Donibrisle P7 posters from the first nettle clearing work; Blair’s wonderful collection of pottery fragments and bones gleaned from the beach beside Bathing House Wood; a selection of some of the wildflowers that also grow on the Triangle; and the challenge of choosing water or wine. Altogether a very successful day with quite a bit of new interest in joining our volunteer group. Many thanks to all who contributed to a splendid show, and thanks too to the Dalgety Bay Horticultural Society who provided the opportunity.

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