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25 May 2020

This has been a year when there have been a lot of slow flying jet-black flies around, no doubt producing the “ugh” reaction from most people.  But these are not flies that want to enter your house and land on your food, they are flying around with the sole aim of mati...

23 May 2020

None of the birds in this note benefit from garden bird feeders, these are birds for whom gardens are just an extension of the woodland itself so they are only occasional visitors to gardens that have suitable food. 


Another very strong singer, despite being one of...

19 May 2020

While you have seen in the previous blog some of the birds that take food directly from garden feeders the following ones will cover those that that also live in our woodlands and may appear in our gardens as well.  For some, there is the advantage of taking any feed s...

4 May 2020

While there are still a few trees without obscuring leaves, and ground cover has yet to reach its full height, it is still a good time of the year to see some of the small birds that live in, or pass through our woodlands and, if we are lucky, visit our gardens.  Many...

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April 25, 2020

April 17, 2020

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