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25 Apr 2020

Passing our wildflower bank below Crow Wood the other evening I was pleased to see that there was a good scattering of Cowslips in the area below the path.  These have developed from the seed mix sown there in 2014 and first appeared in flower in 2018, it looks as thou...

25 Apr 2020

It has now been several weeks since we last had any significant rain and there is little in the immediate forecast.  Fortunately, the winter was wet which will have helped to top up the ground water, but the oaks planted on 3rd March by the P7 pupils from Donibristle P...

17 Apr 2020

As well as some of the smaller wildlife this is also an excellent time to appreciate some of the birds that benefit from the woodlands and our coastline.  Firstly - one of the shore birds.

The stretch of coastline that fronts Dalgety Bay from the west end of Hopeward Wo...

13 Apr 2020

As I am sure you will have noticed, it is not just bumblebees that are now around our gardens and wildflowers.  There are some very colourful butterflies around too.  Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock, also spend the winter in hibernation as adults, but unlike the bumble...

9 Apr 2020

Plants are growing fast now and more are coming into flower.  Two that we are lucky to have a good number of in Dalgety Bay are Red and White Dead-nettle and they have been starting into flower for a few weeks already.  The nettle in the name refers to the leaf shape a...

2 Apr 2020

For our deciduous trees that have spent the winter with bare branches; the race has started to open the buds, expand the leaves and harvest the light to start into growth again.  At this time different trees are at different stages in this process and it is a good time...

2 Apr 2020

Now that we have had a few days of sunshine and little wind, many of you will be seeing Bumblebees in the garden, sometimes visiting the flowers that  provide nectar for pollinators.  You will also see some flying low over the ground in a random zigzag pattern; they ar...

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April 25, 2020

April 17, 2020

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