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5 Jul 2020

We may not enjoy it, but rain is normally an important and regular feature of our weather here in Dalgety Bay. So, when during April and May we had very little, we rejoiced in the dry and sunny weather for our Lockdown walks.  But while we enjoyed the blue sky and suns...

14 Jun 2020

I am sure many of you who remember the wonderful wildflower display we had at this time last year at the Heritage Viewpoint may be wondering why there is not the same colourful show this year.

Most of the colour last year came from the Cornfield Annuals that were conce...

25 May 2020

This has been a year when there have been a lot of slow flying jet-black flies around, no doubt producing the “ugh” reaction from most people.  But these are not flies that want to enter your house and land on your food, they are flying around with the sole aim of mati...

23 May 2020

None of the birds in this note benefit from garden bird feeders, these are birds for whom gardens are just an extension of the woodland itself so they are only occasional visitors to gardens that have suitable food. 


Another very strong singer, despite being one of...

13 Apr 2020

As I am sure you will have noticed, it is not just bumblebees that are now around our gardens and wildflowers.  There are some very colourful butterflies around too.  Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock, also spend the winter in hibernation as adults, but unlike the bumble...

27 Jan 2020

As a very pleasant alternative to pondering over who cut the trees down, we spent a bit of time in good company on Sunday afternoon finishing off clearing the border that the Donibristle P7s had started work on last November.  Having got the path edge clearly identifie...

3 May 2019

There is a great show of Bluebells in woodlands at the moment and a good place to see the carpet of blue on a woodland floor is in Hopeward Wood. 

All the Bluebells in this wood that I have examined are the native species and their presence indicates this is a woodland...

15 Apr 2019

Despite the cold easterly wind, and with a good group of volunteers, a further supply of recycled fencing wire was fashioned into more tree protectors to complete the work to guard against further Roe Deer antler fraying of the young saplings in Bathing House Wood. 


13 Apr 2019

A few days ago some of you have noticed the posting by Plantlife trying to get people to appreciate the humble Dandelion.  In this recent sunny weather I took an opportunity to see what might be making use of any Dandelions in our wildflower bank beside the steps.  The...

10 Apr 2019

Anyone walking the Coastal Path down from The Triangle last Sunday (7th April) would have seen a line of volunteers digging up some plants growing at the very edge of the path.  The plants being removed were thistles, mostly Welted Thistle, along with some Common (stin...

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April 25, 2020

April 17, 2020

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